What is 3D Growth?

3D GROWTH measures a student’s growth rather than merely looking at individual student proficiency. This powerful alternative approach compares students across Texas with a similar history of academic achievement to make measuring performance of schools, teachers, and students more accurate and impactful.

But data by itself isn’t enough. 3D GROWTH also integrates growth scores into training to develop campus-specific action plans with high-impact interventions for improving student performance.

3D Growth gave me complex data in an easier to digest format. Numbers became action plans.

Principal, Lake Travis Independent School District

Our Partnership Includes

Exclusive Growth Data

At the student, teacher, and campus levels, as well as benchmark comparisons to other campuses throughout the region.

3D Growth Data Training

For district and campus leaders to learn how to interpret 3D Growth data and data visualizations across multiple years.

Process Map & Action Plan Coaching

To support leadership teams during development of school-specific, data-driven action plans.